Meet Our Factory

To celebrate our Birthday this October, we are taking you on a journey to discover our core values. We believe in working with partners who we know very well and trust, who offer fair working conditions and a safe working environment. We believe in craftsmanship and producing in Europe where the techniques of producing luxury leather goods are deeply rooted.


Introducing our factory

We have been working with the same family-owned factory located in Ubrique - South of Spain - since the brand was first launched. Founded in 1986 by seven siblings, who still own and run the business independently today, the factory hires artisans locally and today employs over 70 skilled craftsmen and women, most of whom have been working at the factory for years. We are proud to be partnered with a factory we know well and trust, that offers fair wages and a safe working environment. DeMellier's founder & creative director Mireia Llusia-Lindh being originally from Spain - her family can be traced back more than 500 years not far from where DeMellier handbags are crafted today - felt that it was natural for DeMellier products to be produced here, where the techniques of making luxury leather goods are deeply rooted and leather craftsmanship is a local tradition.


How it’s made

One of our bags can take up 50 different pieces or more and 12 skillful artisans to construct including leather specialists, pattern makers, seamstresses, edge painters and many others. It is a process that requires patience and the utmost attention to detail. Each style is crafted using local techniques and traditions many of which have been followed for hundreds of years, making each handbag a piece of art. In a world where cheap production is the norm, at DeMellier we want to treasure and support the artisanal processes that we believe luxury should stand for.

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Treasuring craftsmanship

Our aim is to continue to support craftsmanship and promote its value and significance. In our factory, no raw material is ever wasted, and any leftovers are donated to local apprentice academies to help nurture the next generation of craftsmen and women. As we produce in limited quantities and rely often on pre-orders, we sell virtually all our production every season and the very few pieces that can’t be sold are donated through our partner Charity SOS Children’s Villages. We never destroy, burn or discard any finished product because we value and respect the work of our artisans and treasure the products they are crafting. Producing in limited quantities not only helps minimize waste and carbon footprint, it also keeps us grounded to focus on our values.