Summer 22 Film- A Summer Breeze

Summer 22 Film- A Summer Breeze

Inspired by the beauty of nature, our Summer 22 film was shot on the remote beaches of Lanzarote. Anne De Rijk shines in our latest collection of bags, captured by Pascal Emmeran.



Model: Anna De Rijk

Videographer: Pascal Emmeran

Stylist: Linn Hagglund

Styling Assistant: Laetitia Renee

Make up & Hair Stylist: Paca Navarro



The New York In Black Croc 

The Mini Lausanne in Buttermilk Smooth

The New York In Mocha Small Grain 

The New York In Black Croc

The Vancouver in Off-White 

The Midi New York in Raffia 

The Midi New York in Sage Small Grain

The Lausanne in Off-White Croc

The Bergen in Sage Croc

The Lisbon in Mocha Smooth

The Alexandria in Deep Toffee Smooth  

The Lisbon in Off-White Smooth

The Mini Verona in Sage Smooth

The Mini New York in Off-White Small Grain

The Maxi Santorini in Natural Raffia & Black Smooth 

The Santorini in Natural Raffia & Buttermilk Smooth 

The Mini Verona in Raffia 

The Seville in Off-White Croc 

The Mini Verona in Gold Metallic

The New York in Raffia 

The Nano Montreal in Taupe Smooth

The Mini Santorini in Natural Raffia & Off-White

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